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My Point of View and Abbreviated Bio in 90 Seconds

Uppdaterat: 25 maj

I thought it was time to introduce you to my universe a bit.

First and foremost, I think empathy is one of the greatest but also one of the most underestimated virtues. It is a way to relate, understand, and accept how things are. It does not mean being pleasing or giving up yourself (a huge trap that I’ve tried a lot). Empathy, unconditional love, and compassion all need healthy boundaries.

We need empathy for ourselves and all our traits, whatever we think about them. We equally need to feel empathy for others and our planet, including the spirit world. The spiritual and the physical realms coexist; they cannot exist without the other, just like light cannot exist without darkness.

If we truly want to live wholeheartedly and fulfill our human potential, we need to increase our consciousness about what is happening both inside and around us. We need to feel, experience, and listen deeply into our hearts and souls to become aware of all the human aspects. We need to accept what we can change and what we cannot. Finally, we need to find and calibrate our inner compass to be more aware of navigating a complex world and all the dimensions we are affected by.

And no, I’m not only an unsilenced empath. That’s a brand title explaining things in the shortest form possible.

I’m a multidimensional being who finds my place in this world by exploring multidimensional ways of existing and expressing myself. In the human form, I’m a father, husband, woodworker, trying, failing, winning, failing, and winning again, somewhat lazy, loving magical shortcuts, contemplative, passion-driven sprinter, exhausted by too much being too much, both insecure and brave as heck, clumsy and integrated, unlimited beyond my boundaries (astral traveling happens frequently), soul communicator, explorer and visionary with a mission, wonderfully imperfectly perfect. I’m wild at heart with a vivid imagination leading the way, knowing that my inner guidance is the best tool ever in whatever I do.

I’m here to merge spirit with matter, bring balance to whatever I can, and let my soul express itself through creativity, writing, sound immersions through a lovely piece of bamboo, and speaking my truth. I have finally realized that showing up is enough. Empathy for myself was the starting point. It took a while, and that’s okay. Here I am, forever true to my soul’s calling, at your service.

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