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The Way of the UnSilenced Empath

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It’s all about owning your place in the world, isn’t it?

Like… you want to fit in, but don’t know how. And maybe that’s not even important; what you really want is to feel fine being you, right? And even more than that, I bet you’d love to feel accepted.

Only you can decide if that is going to happen.


Maybe there was a time… maybe many, many, many times… that you wanted to speak up, because a situation demanded a clarification that you knew you possessed, but something stopped you. Fear. Because of past memories you might not even be consciously aware of.

Fear of telling the truth that the circumstances begged for.

And your nervous system shuts down, because under all the layers of who you think you are, reside some reminiscences from way back that… if you told the obvious truth, talked about the elephant in the room, you were in trouble. Or plain silenced, either by being ignored, hushed, or ridiculed. Blaming won't help, even it the thought probably crossed your mind more than once. Assume that everyone did their best and behaved according to their own inherited conditioning.

You could sense what was going on, but you couldn’t get yourself to take the necessary action. Your body just wouldn’t obey. And at the time, it was ok, it was protecting you from getting hurt.

So, you kept silent, played along, showed a nice face, and when you were alone again, you argued with yourself and repeated all the things that you wanted to say. To an invisible audience.

Feels familiar?

It doesn’t have to be like this, and the world needs your particular participation, or you wouldn’t be here. Only the bravest come to Earth, remember that. And although I’m breaking a whole bunch of linguistic rules, I want to make this really clear: The path we are walking might not be easy, but you have an immense power within that is just waiting to find its way out. If you came to this planet with some extra receptivity skills, I think you know what I mean. You can sense the matrix and even touch on it, and you’re just waiting for yourself to shatter the illusions, illuminating the truth with your bright sight and your love for a more real reality.


There is a way to let go of the old programming that was put on you. Correction: there are many different ways to let go of the past, so that you can step into your unique authentic expression, and I urge you to find yours. You will feel better, and the rest of the world will benefit from it, no matter how uncomfortable it might be, to take the first stumbling steps towards the freedom of being yourself and to use your special voice. Sing from your heart, it will show you the way.

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