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Become Who You Are Undoing What You're Not

I'm listening.


About me

Hello, my name is Elof. I am a soul communicator, medium, and facilitator who helps you transcend your pains, limitations, and sufferings, get your power back, and find your authentic expression and voice.

I can also help you to find and calibrate your inner
compass to navigate toward your soul’s purpose, undo what you are not, and break spells and generational trauma so that you can dream, be, and live your best self.

Elof Almebäck The UnSilenced Empath - TheUnSilencedEmpath

How I Can Help You

You know, it is possible to transform a suffering into an asset.

A difficulty is a great place to reboot, repose and start over. I've had some major ones of those... It has been educating, and it's amazing what gifts a setback can bring with it, once I could let go of an old story or a resentment that got stuck in my body, now free.

Going from being a silenced sensitive person to an UnSilenced Empathic and Empowered person is one of the things I have transformed, so that I can use and share my gifts in a whole new way.

A journey into your vast inner landscape

is about undoing what you are not,

so that you can become a more True You.

If you want to experience a sense of coming home,

and a remembrance that you are whole…

if you want to rediscover your authentic expression,

in case you have lost some of that,

then you're in good company.

I'm all about rediscover authenticity by letting go of what's not working anymore. Whether it's a spiritual or plain human growing pain that wakes you up at night, I'm with you.

Book a free call and let's see if we resonate and what I can do for you.

Dear Elof, I did it!

The pain has been gone since April/May. This is a miracle to which you have contributed a great deal with your wonderful work!


THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Sabine, Germany

...and some day
we will realize
that there is no separation,
just different expressions of the same One.


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