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You are Wanted And Needed

If you ever felt inhibited…

Still knowing that something inside of you wants to come forth…

… if only you could define it. Or maybe you’re dang sure, you just don’t know how to break free.

What is the wound that begs for attention, standing in between you and your gift to blossom?

Witness and hold the pain with as much care and attention as possible.

It has a message for you… to discover yourself by undoing what you are not.

It is your time to shine and come forward with your unique expression.

Because you are needed.

The world awaits your special beauty and wisdom to balance what is out of alignment.

Truly, no one can replace you.

Get away from the noise of soul-numbing trivialities.

Connect with nature and still your mind.

Let the mist dissolve by taking time for yourself.

Even the slightest inspiration is worth acting on.

What is it that you truly long for?

If it makes you smile, you’re on the right track.

No evil can beat millions of happy hearts and singing souls, because true joy makes fear powerless.

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