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I don't know about you, but I love my mornings! That's the perfect time for me to meditate, catch up and do my routines, set the intention for the day and get organized.

What do you want to give to yourself?
How do you want to start your morning?
Together, we can set up an intention for the day, and create a space where you can come home and find your intuition and inner peace.

I know, these are overwhelming times for many of us. Sometimes it's hard to find direction or even the calm to decide for the next move. Yet, there is this place in us that always knows, and from which all guidance, strength and even wonder comes.

Since more than 30 years now, I’ve been guiding people back to that place in themselves, and I’ve seen miracles happen. I am setting up an online group, running for 3 weeks at the time, where you can join me in that powerful space where we practice movement, energy meditation, healing, and more, to come back home into our bodies, hearts, and souls.

In this space you have the possibility to be recharged again, full of fresh ideas and be deeply grounded in yourself.

Usually, my fees are much higher when we work 1:1, so this is a great way to benefit from the wonderful energy work that I love so much, because it is so effective, and give results right away. I have implemented that in what I offer in the Morning Boost.

And I am curious, what is your main challenge that is affecting you these days?

Much Love,



The details:
Zoom meetings, running for 3 weeks at the time.

We meet workdays, Mon - Fri, at 6:00 – 6:50 am CET.

Replays available if you miss a day.

Try the first morning for free to check it out!
No obligations.
Just send me a message in the form below, and you'll get a Zoom link to join.

Next start: Thurs. April 25, ends Thurs. May 16
Investment: SEK 1111 (aprox. € 90)

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