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A payment link via Stripe or PayPayl will be sent after the session (where applicable). VAT included.
Sliding scales are available for special needs, please contact me in the form below.
Can't find a time that works for you? No problem! Drop me a line, and we'll find one for you!
I work with clients in most time-zones.

Want to know more about what this work is all about? Read further down for a Why and How.

Discovery Session

We talk about where you are, what you want to change, or what issue you are dealing with, and how I can help you. A pressure free conversation to see if we resonate.

30 minutes

30-minute Channeling

Do you have a loved one no longer in life, that you want some answers from? A dear friend in coma? Or want to understand your autistic, non-verbal child or relative better? I can help you with the communication, on-line, over phone or on site (require special booking).

30 minutes
40 Euro /500 SEK

60-minute Consultation

Best for personal issues; release blocks, pain, clear your field/aura and to get more flow in your life. Counseling around life issues.

60 minutes

190 Euro /2300 SEK

90-minute Consultation

Best for in-depth personal issues, or major house/living space clearing, which also includes personal energy balancing for you.

90 min.

270 Euro /3300 SEK

3 x 60-min. Consultations

When you want to go deeper with yourself and would like more continuous support. Book your first hour and let me know, and I will send you a payment link for the whole package after the session.

3 x 60 minutes

490 Euro /6000 SEK
You save 80 Euro

5 x 60-min. Consultations

When you want to go deeper with yourself and would like more continuous support. Book your first hour and let me know, and I will send you a payment link for the whole package after the session.

5 x 60 minutes

800 Euro /9900 SEK
You save 150 Euro

The Why and the How

Who likes to feel stuck? I certainly don't. The feeling of freedom is a powerful motivator for me — this is why I do what I do and why I’m passionate about helping others find their own liberation by transforming limitations into assets and hurt into the joy of living.

The How can be summed up in that my work is:

• Spiritually Grounded
• Trauma-Informed
• Paradigm Aware

I consider the energies affecting an individual, identify the underlying emotions demanding too much attention, and uncover the negative mental recordings (usually from childhood) that disturb one’s focus.

I've learned that addressing only one aspect doesn’t work. Regulating the nervous system alone is like taking painkillers without treating the core issue. Mental reprogramming alone can be ineffective if emotional triggers overwhelm the nervous system. Focusing solely on the spiritual can lead to bypassing physical realities.

When these powerful tools are combined with awareness, transformation happens.

It’s about turning pain into freedom by embracing all aspects of life. We are mostly energy manifested in a physical body with complex wiring, emotions, and programming, so we need a holistic approach. Spirit needs to be grounded, matter needs to be energized, thoughts addressed, and paradigms adjusted with love and care.

So, to sum it up in other words, here’s the most effective approach I've found through all the years of study: Clear and balance the field, set free stuck-up emotions, re-program unwanted behaviors, and infuse life with heartfelt desires.

I love witnessing the liberation that occurs when one remembers and becomes one's true self, giving a voice to the soul — Unsilenced and Empowered.


It's important to clarify that while I am dedicated to providing support and guidance in your healing journey, I am not a licensed therapist or mental health professional.

My services are designed to complement therapeutic interventions and assist in personal development goals. Confidentiality is paramount, and I am committed to maintaining your privacy throughout our work together.

However, if you are experiencing severe physical or psychological distress or symptoms due to a condition, I strongly advise seeking assistance from a qualified health professional.

By engaging in my personal healing and developmental services, you acknowledge that you are participating voluntarily and take responsibility for your own well-being during our sessions and after. You can always contact me if you have any questions about your experiences after a session.

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